Friday, September 11, 2009

How do you get an elephant off your back!

I just got my medical bills for some routine check-ups. I recently changed my insurance to a PPO that was supposed to be a better plan. To my utter shock, the bills were over $10,000 and my insurance only paid 10 percent! This means I'll have to get on the phone with the PPO and dispute the billing. If this was a movie, it would be Erin Brockovich meets Sicko. I can certainly see why so many people are angry about healthcare in America. Either they don't have insurance or they are paying extremely high premiums and still have to fork over enormous out of pocket payments. I am feeling first hand the sting of the healthcare crisis and feel completely betrayed. More and more, I am turning to alternative medicine, herbs and other natural treatments.
I get more hands-on care from the practitioners and it costs me less money. I can see why all the movie stars have a second home in France!

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  1. Great post. Although a stubborn donkey on your back may be worse. Depends how _civilized_ these animals are...