Friday, August 23, 2013

Amazon Makes Fake Carushka Suzette Bra

Once upon a time, in the land of artificial living, Hollywood!, the breast enhancement fad, stopped!

Apparently, some news came out about relating this procedure with cancer! And there was the athletic woman who wanted to look "really sexy" without possibly damaging her body.

So many women wrote to me for an answer and new design. And in 1995, I created "The Suzette" push up bra! I simply draped it, only once, which is unheard of while trying to create a brand new "fit pattern"! First seen on beautiful model, "Angelica," with red hair. Then it became immortalized by "Brooke Long," as well as "Joey House." It was so popular that I have a patent on this bra! So... don't be fooled by the copy of MY "Brooke Long" wearing my "Suzette" on! 

For 10 years I have been after them to take down this FAKE! But I am a small company now & Amazon is VERY big! How funny that 11 years ago, I asked if I could sell on Amazon and they said, NO! I asked why? And I was told they didnt know why, but that their bosses said "NO." So within a year, my most popular style is being sold on Amazon, using my model (Scanned from one of my catalogs) and calling it "CARUSHKA'S" Famous Suzette Bra! This is MINE! For 10 years they have been doing a pattern, plus Trademark piracy (thief). Why Amazon??? I thought you were better than this!

The Real Carushka H. Jarecka